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eForm (Previously FSQM Pro) is an advanced and flexible form builder that can be integrated into your existing WordPress site. This is a complete form management solution, for quizzes, surveys, data collection, payment estimation and user feedback of all kinds.

Video Tutorials

If you do not have the time and energy to go through the comprehensive guide, then go through this video tutorial series (available in HD). It will help you quickly understand the working of the system and dive right in.

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Common Tutorials

Common how tos and tutorials related to eForm. You will find most of your queries answered here and we will often update it from the latest questions asked from the support forum.

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Installation & Updation

Learn how to install or update eForm plugin in your WordPress setup. You will find guides related to normal installation, multisite installation, FTP installation and also update procedures.

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Plugin Menu & Pages

Learn about admin menu and pages associated with eForm and their functionality and purpose.

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Primary Setup

First time setup with eForm. Learn about Trackback Page, User Portal and other application settings.

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Shortcode & Widgets

eForm comes with a handy shortcode generator. It means you will never need to copy paste or write your own shortcodes. Learn how to use it with your WordPress editor and embed forms, reports etc on pages or posts or even custom posts. Starting version 3, we have also introduced drag and drop widgets to place forms, trends, reports and popups on your theme sidebars and footers.

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Managing Submissions

Learn how to effectively manage the submissions made to your form. Everything is saved in a database. You can edit them, send notification emails and so many other things.

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User Management

eForm integrates smartly with WordPress user system. This enables you to give some "extra features" to your registered users, like checking their old submissions, tracking changes, checking scores etc. Learn how to setup the User Portal.

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Report & Analysis

eForm gives you an effective platform to seamlessly generate reports for submissions made to individual forms. Learn how to use this feature to quickly analyse the data.

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Plugin API

eForm comes with a handful of Application Programming Interface (API). All of them are nothing but hooks and filters inherited from WordPress itself. If you are a developer and would like to extend the functionality, then this is where you can learn from.

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