Adding Elements using Keyboard Shortcut

One of the hidden feature of eForm Form Builder is to manage elements using keyboard shortcut keys. When you are in the form builder, you have access to the following keyboard shortcuts.

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts within form builder.

  • Ctrl/⌘ + s: Save form.
  • Ctrl/⌘ + h: Toggle HotKey for the followings.
  • Alt/⌥ + p: Add new page.
  • Alt/⌥ + c: Add Checkbox element.
  • Alt/⌥ + r: Add Radio element.
  • Alt/⌥ + d: Add Dropdown element.
  • Alt/⌥ + t: Add Textarea element.
  • Alt/⌥ + i: Add Input element.
  • Alt/⌥ + f: Add First Name element.
  • Alt/⌥ + l: Add Last Name element.
  • Alt/⌥ + e: Add Email element.
  • Alt/⌥ + g: Add Grading(Slider/Range) element.
  • Alt/⌥ + s: Add Star Rating element.
  • Alt/⌥ + o: Add Sortable element.
  • Alt/⌥ + m: Add Matrix element.
  • Alt/⌥ + a: Add Repeatable element.

Disabling Keyboard Shortcut

As the list suggests, you can press Ctrl/⌘ + h to toggle keyboard shortcuts. The status of keyboard shortcut is persisted in your browser for all forms. So you don’t have to enable/disable it every time you login to WordPress admin.

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