Securely use password field with eForm


Password can be tricky business. Luckily, eForm provides you some out-of-the box tools to mange the complexity. With v4.7 of eForm, the password field found under Other Form Elements (O) supports the following features.

Always on encryption

We now encrypt password field data before storing to database. There is nothing you need to do to activate it. The encryption and decryption process is very transparent and the awesome php-encryption library by defuse is used.

Option to always hide password value

Previously, eForm would reveal password field value in email and summary table. But with eForm v4.7, passwords are always hidden. This is configurable. Under element settings > Interface,  you can disable Do Not Reveal Password.


For older forms though, this won’t be auto activated. So make sure you activate it, if you want.

Always hide registration password field

When a password field is used for WordPress registration, then it is always hidden. This is to ensure WordPress password policy.

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