Make the form Automatically progress to next page

Starting version 3.2, eForm has the ability to automatically progress to the next page/container when all of the elements in the current page validates. This really gives a nice user experience for rather long forms, where users don’t have to click on the next button every time. A demo of the same can be found here.

But this feature is not enabled by default. Please follow the procedure below.

#1: Enable the feature


  • Make sure you have either┬áTabular or Paginated Appearance set in the Form Type.
  • Now enable “Auto Progress Page if all validates”. This will make the form automatically progress to the next page, but it wouldn’t do a submission.
  • Optionally set “Auto Submit last page if validates” to make the form submit itself, if the last page also validates.
  • Since version 3.6.1 you can mention a delay before the auto-progress will kick in. Setting to 1500 milliseconds is recommended. But you can adjust.

#2: Setup containers and elements

Setup containers and elements


  • Now as usual, add a few containers to the form.
  • Inside every container, add a few elements. Make sure, at least one of the element is required by validation. Otherwise, the form will skip the container/page.
  • Publish the form when ready.


#3: Some things to remember

  • It is recommended not to enable the “Auto Submit” feature. It gives a really bad UX.
  • If you do not want to let the users ┬ánavigate to previous page, then simply enable the option “Block Navigation to Previous Tab/Page”.
  • In case of a required text type element, the form waits until the user has finished writing and moved away the cursor. Then it progresses.

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