Advanced Address Form Element

eForm always had address element. Starting eForm v3.5 it has undergone some serious changes which makes it even more powerful.

You can check the Advanced Address Field example.

#1: Insert Address Element


Address element can be found under Other Form Elements. Insert it in your form and start modifying it.

#2: Appearance  Options

Address Element Appearance

You can manage address title, alignment of the element tooltip and other attributes from Appearance.

#3: Different Address Fields

Address Fields

eForm supports several fields inside the address field. Each field should have a placeholder, if you leave the placeholder blank, then the field will not be shown.

Preset Country

You can specify default selected country by Selecting Preset Country,  removing the Country placeholder while setting a preset country will make the user choose from a preset province set for the respective country.

#4: Validations

Address Validation

Like other form elements you can add address field required as well. Address Line Three is never compulsory regardless of validation status.

  • Input Filter: Type of text user should enter.
  • Minimum Size: The length of text user should enter (at minimum).
  • Maximum Size: The length of text user could enter (at maximum).

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