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eForm comes with a handful of Application Programming Interface (API). All of them are nothing but hooks and filters inherited from WordPress itself. If you are a developer and would like to extend the functionality, then this is where you can learn from.

Customize Emails in eForm WordPress Form Builder

Starting eForm version 4.14, we have introduced features to completely modify how emails are sent for form submissions, administrator notifications and payments. Previously we have had a few hooks to change them, but now we have made it even easier using templates. So now, you can completely change the HTML and how data is displayed…

Example: Adding custom settings to eForm Forms

With the help of FSQM’s built in APIs, it is possible to create and store custom settings variables for individual forms. Please check the snippet below to get started. Snippet Output The snippet above, when inserted properly in your plugin, would generate the following output. Populated Horizontal tab with options elements Populated Horizontal tab with…

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