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eForm comes with a handful of Application Programming Interface (API). All of them are nothing but hooks and filters inherited from WordPress itself. If you are a developer and would like to extend the functionality, then this is where you can learn from.

APIs on form variables and data structure

Filter: ipt_fsqm_filter_valid_elements Filter is used to extend form elements which can be used by the form builder. All valid elements are categorized into four sections: Design Elements: Elements that controls the appearance of the form and has nothing to do with actual HTML form elements. MCQ Elements: Quiz elements, where scores can be set. Feedback…

APIs on basic form & submission administrative actions

Hook: ipt_fsqm_forms_deleted This is triggered when eForm is about to delete some forms from the system. Hook Uses The callback function accepts one parameter, an array of form ids that is about to get deleted. Source Located in classes/class-ipt-fsqm-form-elements-static.php. Hook: ipt_fsqm_submissions_deleted Triggered when eForm Submissions are about to be deleted from eForm data table. Hook…

APIs on form builder & plugin menu modification

Following APIs are available for modifying form builder and eForm plugin menu. Filter: ipt_fsqm_admin_tab_settings The ipt_fsqm_admin_tab_settings filter is used to filter the form builder settings tabs. Filter Uses When being called, it passes two parameters. First one is an associative array of settings tabs and their callback functions. The second is the IPT_FSQM_Form_Elements_Admin¬†object that has…

User Roles, Capabilities and Access Privileges

eForm comes with the following access privileges. User Role Access: Administrator/Editor: Can administrate, edit, create, view, delete forms and submissions. Also can modify settings. Authors: Can view submissions only. Capability used by eForm: If you’d like to add capabilities to custom/inbuilt user roles, then you’d need these information. Capability Menu Pages Usage Super Admin Administrator…

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