Example: Adding a custom third party integration

Adding a custom third party integration involves basically two steps.

Hook into the settings

We need to add some settings variable for the integration to be customizable. Please check  Example: Adding custom settings to eForm Forms.

Setup the admin UI

Now that we have added our settings, we can go ahead and setup our admin settings panel. We shall hook into ipt_fsqm_integration_settings_tabs to properly add our settings panel. Please check  APIs on third party integrations.

Hooking into integration action

Lastly we shall hook into ipt_fsqm_hook_integration to actually do the integration. This part would vary heavily depending on the nature of your integration, but in the snippet below we have made a simple wp_remote_post call.

Snippet and Output

Please check the snippet at our gitlab area.

Download Snippet


The output would be as follows:

Custom Integration

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