APIs on standalone permalink

Filter: ipt_fsqm_standalone_base

Used to modify the standalone permalink base of eForm forms.

Filter Uses

Accepts one argument, a string which represents the original base.

 * Force set a permanent permalink base for FSQM
 * Filters ipt_fsqm_standalone_base
 * @param      string  $base   The origin base
 * @return     string
function force_fsqm_sa_base( $base ) {
	// Do something with the base
	$base = 'forcedFSQM';
	return $base;
add_filter( 'ipt_fsqm_standalone_base', 'force_fsqm_sa_base', 10, 1 );


Located in classes/class-ipt-fsqm-form-elements-static.php.

Filter: ipt_fsqm_standalone_permalink

Used to modify standalone permalink parts.

Filter Uses

Accepts one argument, an associative array of permalink parts.

 * Filter eForm Standalone Permalinks
 * To modify the variable
 * @param      array  $permalink  The array with permalink variables
 * @return     array
function fsqm_sa_permalink( $permalink ) {
	// Do something with the array
	// But do not change the url, base or shorturl
	// If you do not know what or how
	// Otherwise some errors might occur
	// One thing you can do is
	// Change URL and capture it on your own
	// To modify the output of a standalone form
	    [base] => Permalink base
	    [slug] => Slug generated from form title
	    [id] => form_id
	    [url] => https://url/to/form/id/
	    [shortlink] => https://url/eforms/id/
	return $permalink;
add_filter( 'ipt_fsqm_standalone_permalink', 'fsqm_sa_permalink', 10, 1 );


Located in classes/class-ipt-fsqm-form-elements-static.php

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