User Roles, Capabilities and Access Privileges

eForm comes with the following access privileges.

User Role Access:

  • Administrator/Editor: Can administrate, edit, create, view, delete forms and submissions. Also can modify settings.
  • Authors: Can view submissions only.

Capability used by eForm:

If you’d like to add capabilities to custom/inbuilt user roles, then you’d need these information.

Capability Menu Pages Usage Super Admin Administrator Editor Author Contributor Subscriber
view_feedback Dashboard Basic Plugin Information            
Report & Analysis Generate Reports & Charts            
View a Submission View single submission based on ID            
manage_feedback View all Forms View all forms and edit/modify/delete            
New Form Create a new form            
Import/Export Forms Generate Export code and import from existing code            
View all Submissions List view all submissions and bulk manage/edit            
Settings Change plugin core settings            

This information will come handy when modifying user role and capability using some plugin like User Role Editor.

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