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eForm comes with a handful of Application Programming Interface (API). All of them are nothing but hooks and filters inherited from WordPress itself. If you are a developer and would like to extend the functionality, then this is where you can learn from.

eForm CSS and JS enqueue

Here is a list of all external scripts and styles used by eForm. JavaScript Enqueue Script Name Handle Dependency Source jQuery Timepicker Addon jquery-timepicker-addon jquery /lib/classes/class-ipt-plugin-uif-base.php jQuery Print Element jquery-print-element jQuery Mousewheel Intent jquery-mwheelIntent jQuery Mousewheel jquery-mousewheel jQuery Serialize JSON jquery-serializejson jQuery JSON jquery-json jQuery Custom Scrollbar ipt-plugin-uif-js-mcs jquery /lib/classes/class-ipt-plugin-uif-admin.php Font Icon Picker ipt-plugin-uif-fip-js ipt-plugin-uif-admin-js…

APIs on User Portal & Trackback

Filter: ipt_fsqm_up_filter_action_button Used to add buttons inside user portal call to action section. Filter Uses Accepts two arguments. Please see source code below. Source Located in classes/class-ipt-fsqm-form-elements-static.php. Filter: ipt_fsqm_filter_static_report_print Used to add buttons to the trackback page. Filter Uses Accepts three parameters. Please see the source code below. Source Located in classes/class-ipt-fsqm-form-elements-static.php.

APIs on enqueue and libraries

Hook: ipt_fsqm_form_elements_front_enqueue Triggered when the form enqueues its needed scripts and styles. Hook Uses Passes one argument, a reference to the IPT_FSQM_Form_Elements_Front object. Source Located in classes/class-ipt-fsqm-form-elements-front.php. Hook: ipt_fsqm_form_elements_up_enqueue Triggers for User Portal scripts and styles enqueue. Hook Uses Source Located in classes/class-ipt-fsqm-form-elements-static.php. Hook: ipt_fsqm_report_enqueue Triggers for Report and Analysis enqueue. Hook Uses Example Example:…

APIs on standalone permalink

Filter: ipt_fsqm_standalone_base Used to modify the standalone permalink base of eForm forms. Filter Uses Accepts one argument, a string which represents the original base. Source Located in classes/class-ipt-fsqm-form-elements-static.php. Filter: ipt_fsqm_standalone_permalink Used to modify standalone permalink parts. Filter Uses Accepts one argument, an associative array of permalink parts. Source Located in classes/class-ipt-fsqm-form-elements-static.php

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