Update/Add User Meta through eForm

Starting version 3.6.1 eForm now has the capability to update or add user metadata by submitting a form. We already had user metadata registration and prefilling values from user metadata, now with this, creating a profile form has become super easy.

#1: Create a form with prefill values

To get started we create a form with some text elements. For each text element, we set prefil value from user metadata. To check how we can do it, read this article.

#2: Enable Settings

Now we can enable the settings to actually update user metadata.

  • Under Form Builder, go to WP Core > User Meta Update.
  • Enable theĀ configuration.
  • Now add each element on your form to the list.

Here you need to specify the element type (M for MCQ, F for Feedback & O for Others) and key (visible under {} of every form element).

For every element, you need to specify an unique meta key. It can be existing or new.

In the example form, we have already prefilled the text elements from meta values that WooCommerce uses and have setup the form to update those meta values.

  • (O){0} has prefilled value from billing_first_name and under WP Core, we have (O){0} update billing_first_name.
  • (O){1} has prefilled value from billing_last_name and under WP Core, we have (O){0} update billing_last_name.

And similar for other settings. You may download the form from here.

We also have an option to store array value instead of stringified value. Use this if you want to do something advanced with the metadata.

#3: Preview the form

Now preview the form and do a submission. For the first submission, the meta records will be created if not already there. For successive submissions, you will see that the data from previous submission will be populated automatically in the fields. If you change and submit again, it will saved as user meta value.

#4: Updating Submission

Starting version 3.7.1, when someone updates the submission (even admin), the user meta will update.

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