Fixing missing or blank section in PDF exports

In some cases, you might find that sections of your submission PDF is missing. Only the header is there, but nothing else.

The reason why this happens is, invalid HTML code somewhere in your form. While it can be tedious to find where exactly the invalid HTML code lies, we do have some tips for you to quickly find out.

1: Check Question title, subtitle and description

This is most likely where things could go wrong. The PDF doesn’t contain design elements by default, so start looking at your elements. Any element where you’ve put custom HTML in title, subtitle or description is up for review.

Notice in the image above, we forgot to close the HTML tag.

2. Check Question Options

We support custom HTML in MCQ type elements, where you can enter any valid HTML in place of option label.

In the image above, we didn’t give proper closing tag to the opening span and it is enough to break the PDF.

3. Check all design elements

If you have Show Design Elements enabled from CONFIG > Result & Email > Summary Table, then verify that all your design elements have valid HTML, especially rich text elements and heading elements.

You can see, in the image above, we have invalid HTML in the rich text element which would break the PDF.

Final advice

Remember that you should only write custom HTML if you are confident about your code. While writing broken HTML won’t break the form on the browsers, it will most likely break many functionalities from the server. So kindly use this great feature with extreme care.

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