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Ans. Your server needs php5-mcrypt library installed and enabled. This is standard for most of the webhosts. But if yours doesn’t support it, then please contact your webhost.

Why do I need php5-mcrypt library? Isn’t it a overhead?

No, it is not. By default, the URL of the trackback link looks like this: ``. If it was not for mcrypt, it would’ve looked something like ``. Now anyone could change the URI query parameter id and this would result in leak of privacy for other users. To safely encrypt and decrypt them, mcrypt is necessary.

Ans. This is probably because of PHP memory limit. The standard goes to somewhere 128M now-a-days. Although the plugin itself consumes very less memory, but a number of plugins together can consume a lot. If you have PHP memory set to 32M or lesser, then you will need to ask your host to increase that for you. Alternately you can try this method to increase it yourself.

Ans. Most probably PHP is causing some Fatal Error. The most obvious reason is, you do not have mcrypt module installed. While mcrypt is a standard module, yet, some VPS and host do not enable it by default. Please contact them to have you running ASAP.

Ans. This is a problem with some incorrectly coded themes. Please see Fixing themes with custom wpautop priority & breaking shortcodes.

Ans. For every MCQ Single, Multiple Option elements, you’d see an option to choose your column size. Select the first one and you are done.

Ans. Simply do not put any score data on any of the questions. This will automatically disable score for that form.

Ans. While creating a form, go to Form Settings » Redirection. You can have either Flat redirection or Score based redirection. For Score based redirection, please note that the percentage will be considered, not the actual score.

Ans. While creating a form, go to Result & email » User Notification. Make sure you have the Attach Submission to user email enabled. To further customize user notification email, please read this.

Ans. The reason is you have an empty email address inside Form Settings » User Notification. Please enter a valid Sender’s Email, Sender’s Name and Notification Subject and it will start to show up.

Ans. Go to Form Settings » General Settings and remove the Administrator Remarks Title. This will disable the feature.

Ans. All the elements inside Other Form Elements will be excluded explicitly from the reports. You must have added Radio, Checkbox and/or Dropdown items from there. Please remove them and add the relevant items again from Multiple Choice Questions.

Ans. This is a problem with flushing WordPress’ rewrite rules. We are finding a better way to prevent this. Until then, please visit eForm » Settings once to force flush it. (Just visit, nothing else). This should solve the problem.

Ans. By default, what ever you put inside the element title, subtitle, option etc, will be considered as HTML and will be interpreted as such. So, say for example, if you want to make a part of your option bold, then you would have the label:

Hello <strong>World!</strong>

This gives advanced users more control over their form. But now if you want to display the code, instead of interpreting it, then you’d need to escape it. When escaped `` becomes `<strong>`. You can use this online tool to convert HTML into entities.

Ans. While editing or creating a new form, go to Form Settings » General and enable the option User Can Edit Submission. You can also impose some time limits there. For more information, please check our documentation.

Ans. Simply leave the Sender’s Email empty and it will disable user notification email.

Ans. You need to setup a trackback for this feature to work properly. Please see this guide.

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