Paypal Integration Not Working

Over time we have found some common scenarios, when Paypal integration may not work. Before submitting a support request, do make sure you have checked all of the following possibilities.

1: Opcache removing code comment

This is the #1 issue. On some rare server configuration, opcache discards code comments which in turn could not be read via the \ReflectionMethod class. In such case you need to configure opcache to not remove code comment by setting the following directives in php.ini file or ask your hosting provider to do so.


2: SSL is required

For working Paypal integration seamlessly, SSL certificate is required, i.e. your site URL should start with valid https.
The new PayPal requires TLS v1.2 So make sure that it’s configured properly. It can be done by upgrading server OpenSSL and related apache/nginx mods and PHP mods.

3. Missing Trackback Page

Payment integration would not work if submission confirmation page(Trackback Page) is missing in your eForm setup. eForm setup wizard ask you do this setup while configuring the plugin. Setting up trackback page is mandatory for proper functioning of payment integration in eForm.
Setup the Trackback Page & User Portal Page

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