Nothing happens on Next or Submit button

When you click the Next, Previous and/or Submit button, then it should either change page/tab or do a form submit via AJAX (i.e, without any page loads). If the page jumps or reloads when clicking the buttons, then it is because of some javascript error.

The problem is most likely some plugin or your theme is interfering with WordPress’ jQuery and jQuery UI stack.

To identify the culprit please follow the procedure below:

  1. Deactivate all other plugins (except eForm).
  2. Switch to a default theme.
  3. Activate plugins one by one until the issue reappears.
    1. When it reappears, you’d find the causing plugin.
  4. If activating all plugins does not bring back the issue, then activate your them and it should.

Once you have identified the causing plugin/theme, please contact with their author to get it solved. Ask them to use WordPress’ default enqueue method to get jQuery and jQuery UI. Show them this article.

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