PHP 5.3 Compatibility

With the release of eForm v3.3 we dumped compatibility with PHP5.3. If you are trying to run eForm v3.3 on the mentioned environment, then it would essentially raise PHP Fatal Error, leaving a White Screen of Death for your entire website. In this case, we heavily recommend updating PHP version to at-least 5.4 (or better 5.6 or 7).

But given the number of shared hosting still having PHP 5.3 only, we decided to bring the compatibility back with eForm v3.4. The performance updates will stay, and we just did some small changes to make eForm compatible with PHP 5.3 again.

Do note that this change is temporary and we may ditch PHP 5.3 support again in future if it is needed. We again strongly recommend you to update your server’s PHP to atleast version 5.6 or better version 7.0.

For now, you can enjoy using eForm v3.4 on PHP 5.3 environment.

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