Fixing Redirection issue after update

When eForm is updated, it redirects you to a custom “What’s New” page for one time only. But if some caching plugin interferes, it can result in some stuck redirection issue.

In some cases, due to poorly configured cache plugins, you will notice redirection issue after updating eForm.

The fix is very simple, simply clear your browser’s cache. The exact steps can be found for the following browsers

  1. Gooogle Chrome – Clear cache & cookies.
  2. Firefox – How to clear the Firefox cache.
  3. Safari – Clear your history is mac.
  4. Edge – View and delete browser history.

In all of the above articles, just clear the Saved content and cache. There is no need to clear cookies as it will also log you out from all sites.

Once it is done, we recommend that you configure your caching plugin to not cache the WordPress admin.

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