Fixing forever loading forms on cloudflare cache

If you are using cloudflare and have setup rocket loader, then you will find that eForm takes forever to load. The reason is, rocket loader not being able to proper delegate JavaScript loading.

Rocket loader works best, when applied properly by a developer who has control on adding script tags. Since, mostly this is not the case for WordPress sites, we do not recommend it all.

Also, eForm always loads all of the scripts at the end of body tag. So there is not performance hit on first paint of your site.

Now to fix the issue, simply disable Rocket loader from cloudflare dashboard and you should be good to go.

  1. Go to the Performance tab from your cloudflare dashboard.
  2. Disable Rocket Loader (as shown in the image above).

Please follow this article from cloudflare documentation to learn more about disabling rocket loader.

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