Send Notification Email to Admins

eForm can send notification emails to administrators when a form submission occurs.

Enable Configuration

  • Go to Form Builder > Result & Email > Admin Notification.
  • Add your email in Admin Notification Email. You can add multiple emails separated by comma, like,
  • Configure Admin Notification from Email. If not set, then wordpress@yourdomain.tld would be used.
  • Set a name for the notification from email in Admin Notification From Name.
  • Setup additional header and email logo.

Notification Subject

eForm lets you configure New Submission, Update and Feedback Notification subject line.

You can also put format strings like %FNAME%, %LNAME% in the fields. Additionally you can use the easy submission add-on to get extended format strings.

Conditional Admin Email

Starting version 3.7, eForm is now capable of sending emails conditionally. Just below the Admin Notification Email, you can set a group of conditional logic against a set of email address.

  • Click on Add New Config.
  • This will bring in the UI to set email address and logics.
  • Add one or more email addresses, separated by comma.
  • Click on Add Logic to add your condition.

Edit Message

Scroll down on the same page and you will find options to set email subject and message. A bunch of format strings are available for you to use.

Just click on the help icon beside every settings to find out what those are for.

Send Full Submission

Scroll down and you will an option to Email Submission to Admin. Enable it to get the full submission.

Send on behalf of user

Enable Email on behalf of user option to get the email as sent from the user. You should also enable Just add Reply-To if your are having trouble passing through email validation (like for Yahoo emails).

When this option is enabled, you can reply directly to get in touch with the user.

It also disables sending some sensitive information like admin side URLs on the email body. So you can safely quote and reply from the email directly and your user will get it from you.

Email Footer

By default eForm sends some branding information on the admin email only. If you do not want that, just change this area. HTML is supported.

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