Customizing the summary table of email and trackback page

Starting version 2.5.0, eForm allows modification of summary table. To do so, please follow the guide below.

#1: Going through the settings:

Going through setting

  1. Under form builder go to Result & email > Summary Tables.
  2. Check through all the options and disable/enable them according to your need.

#2: Modifying Score Title:

Modyfying Score Title

  1. Under the same settings area, scroll down until you see Individual Score Title and Total Score Title.
  2. Modify them according to your need.

Starting version 4.1.1, you will two new options for further customizing.

  • Total Score Output: Customize the text of total score output.
  • Average Score Output: Customize the text of average score output.

For both the options, HTML is supported. The following format strings would be replaced:

  • %1$s: Obtained Score.
  • %2$s: Total Score.
  • %3$s: Percentage Score.

#3: Adding Custom HTML:

  1. Under the same settings area, scroll down until you see Before Summary (HTML) and After Summary (HTML).
  2. Add any rich text (HTML) you want there and the same would appear at their respective position.

#4: Removing Administrator Remarks:

Removing administrative remark

Administrator remarks, although being placed on the top row of summary table, is controlled from someplace else.

  1. Under Form Builder go to Form Settings > General Settings.
  2. Blank out both Administrator Remarks Title and Default Administrator Remarks.

#5: Hiding Details Table & Full Form Table

With eForm version 3.3 (previously FSQM) it is now possible to disable parts of summary table. Check the graphics below.

  • Show Submission Details Table: Enable to show the details part of the table.
  • Show Full Form Elements Table: Keep it enabled to show the form elements.

Show details form setting

#6: Hiding some elements from Form Table

Scroll to the option where it says Blacklisted Elements and put the elements shorthand ID. If you want to hide one or more elements, then mention them here in a comma separated way. For example, L0,D0,M2,F1,O2 will blacklist (and there by would not show) Tab 0 (first container in the current order of the form), Design Element 0, MCQ element 2, Feedback Element 1 and Other element 2.

Hiding some elements from tables

#7: Showing Design Elements

Showing design elements

Design elements are not shown in the summary table by default. But if you would like to show them, please enable the option “Show Design Elements” from Result & email > Summary Table. Do note that not all design elements are supported. Only Heading, Rich Text, Embed Code and Icon Button elements are supported.

Container type design elements, like Columns, Collapsible, Styled Container, Simple Container etc automatically populates the child elements residing inside them. You do not need to enable this option to start showing them.

#8: Hiding Unselected Options

Hiding unselected options

By default eForm shows all of the options along with user selected ones in the summary table. If you would like to show only the ones user has selected, enable “Hide unselected options”.

Hiding unselected options setting

This will render results like this.

Hiding unselected options example

#9 Change colors of image icons

Starting from eForm V4 one can change the color of icons from the theme settings.


Change icon color


  • Go to eForm Theme > Icon Color.
  • Set the color using the color picker.
  • Now summary table will have icons in provided color


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