Modifying Submission ID inside Summary Table

eForm summary table shows submission ID in a specific format at the very top of it. Until version 3, we could not change it. But with newer options, we can set it to anything we want.

#1: Accessing the settings:

Accessing the setting

  • The new settings can be found under Result & email > Summary Table.
  • Submission ID format can be used to modify the output.
  • Submission ID Datetime format can be used to modify the formattable datetime inside ID (if applicable). It accepts PHP’s datetime formatting.

#2: Different ID Formats:

The ID option accepts a number of format strings.

  • %1$d: Will be replaced by the ID of the submission.
  • %2$s: Will be replaced by the formatted datetime string (according to your website’s datetime format).
  • %3$s: Replaced by datetime formatted by your entered settings.

All of the format strings are passed through PHP’s sprintf. So you can modify the format.

By default the format is: #%1$'010d | On %2$s.  Which will pad ID number with 0 upto 10 character length and also append the date/time according to your website format. Something like: #0000003259 | On April 30, 2016 9:52 am.

#3: Sample ID Formats:

Here are some samples to help you get started. For all these examples, we set the Submission ID Datetime format accordingly. You can change it to anything you like.

Submission ID Format Sample Output Submission Datetime format
#%3$s/%1$'05d #2016/04/30/03259 Y/m/d
~ %3$s#%1$'50d ~ 2016/04/30#3259 Y/m/d
%3$s-%1$'05d 2016-04-30-03259 Y-m-d
#%1$'05d/%3$s #03259/2016-04-30 Y-m-d

Do you need help with setting up your own formatting? Just ask in the support forum.

Note: The ID can be inserted elsewhere, with the format string %FORMATTED_ID%.

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