Categorizing eForm Forms

Starting v2.5.2, eForm forms can now be categorized. You can put several forms under a category, which can be used by both admins and users to filter forms and/or submissions.

1: Creating Form Category

Create new category

  • Go to eForm > Form Category.
  • Click on Add New.
  • Give a Category Name and Description.
  • Click on Create Category.

2: Assigning Category to a Form

Assigning category to a form

  • Edit or create a new form.
  • Click on Form Settings > General Settings.
  • Assign any category you have created.

3: Showing filter option on User Portal

Showing filter options on portal page

Just make sure you have the filters=1 attribute inside the user portal shortcode.

4: Administrative management

Following administrative managements are available.

4.1: Filtering forms

Administrative management

  • Go to eForm > View all forms.
  • Select the category from the filter dropdown.
  • Click on the filter button.

4.2: Filtering submissions

Filtering submissions

  • Go to eForm > View all Submissions.
  • Select the category from the filter dropdown.
  • Click on the filter button.

4.3: Managing existing categories

  • Go to eForm > Form Categories.
  • There you will be presented with a list of existing categories.
  • You may perform deletion or edit the category.

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