Using eForm URL Tracking for viral marketing

eForm already had a nice URL tracking feature for some time. In version 3.2.0, we have revamped the whole system to make it more appropriate for viral marketing. Let us see how.

#1: Enable URL tracking:

Enable url tracking in form setting

This is same as before.

  1. Go to Form Builder > Form Settings > Form Submission.
  2. Enable the option Track Submission from URL data.
  3. Put a URL parameter to the Key Parameter of URL Tracking input box.

#2: Enable URL Tracking from Social Share:

Now this is where the magic actually happens. Now eForm has the ability to do two specific things:

  1. Forward the URL tracking key=>value pair if it was present to all links it generates.
  2. Add the username of the currently logged in user to the URL tracking value.

Both of them are configurable and both works on any URL you mention on the social share URL. To set them up, simply do the following:

  • Go to Result & email > Social Sharing.
  • Enable the system.
  • Enable option Forward URL tracking to Social Sharing Links.
  • Enable option Auto Append username to URL tracking on Social Sharing Links.

Do note that even if you have auto append username option turned on, it will do so, only if no other URL tracking value was present in the URL of the current submission. In other words if both the options are enabled, then:

  1. System will check if URL tracking was present for the current submission. If yes, then it will forward to the social link.
  2. If it was not present, then it will append the username of the current logged in user (if user is logged in).

Now go viral!

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