Tracking Submission from URL

Starting version 2.6 eForm has the ability to track submission sources from URL parameter. Here is how to work with the feature.

#1: Activating the feature:

Track submission activate feature

  1. Go to Form Builder > Form Settings > Form Submission.
  2. Enable the option Track Submission from URL data.
  3. Put a URL parameter to the Key Parameter of URL Tracking input box.

#2: Constructing the URL:

Now depending on the Key Parameter you’d need to construct the URL. Say, your URL to the form is: Given the Key Parameter is fsqmTrack, you’d need to put something

Tracking sample url

When users submit from the link, the value SocialMedia would be saved in the database.

#3: Viewing the Submission Source:

Viewing the submission source

From eForm > View all Submissions, you will be able to see the URL tracking source. You can sort and for submission which has no URL tracking, will get a “Unknown” value.

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