MyMail Integration with eForm

Starting version 3.0, eForm supports out-of-the-box integration with MyMail Newsletter plugin. To get started, please follow the procedure.

#1: Install MyMail – Email Newsletter Plugin

MyMail is a great plugin for sending out and managing newsletter from inside your WordPress dashboard. You can purchase it from here and install like any WordPress plugin.

#2: Setup eForm Form Integration:

Like any integration, MyMail integration works on per form basis.

Mailster integration settings

  • Edit/Create the form you want to integrate with MyMail.
  • Go to Integration > MyMail.
  • Enable the integration.
  • Check the list you want the subscriber to get assigned to.
  • Optionally overwrite existing subscriber info (like first name, last name).
  • Save the form and you are done.

Mandatory Primary Elements

Also make sure you have the Other Form Elements > Primary Email  somewhere in your form.

#3: Testing out:


Now simply submit the form once with a non-existing email address. If everything is setup correctly, then you will see the email address being subscribed and added to the mentioned lists.

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