Google reCaptcha with eForm

You can integrate Google reCaptcha into eForm easily just by using 2-3 clicks, you just need to add reCpatcha field, Site Key and Secret Key. Following are the steps  integration.

Setup reCaptcha Element

Setup reCaptcha Element

  • Add reCaptcha element through Form Builder > Design and Security > reCaptcha
  • Enter Site Key and Secret Key for your domain.  Use following steps for getting keys.

Get Site Key and Secret Key

You need to get Site Key and Secret Key from Google reCaptcha, click  here and login using your Google account.

#1: Register Domain(s)

Register Domain(s)

#2: Site Key and Secret Key

Site Key and Secret Key

  • Login to your Google reCaptcha admin using this link
  • Register your domain, you can use same keys for multiple domain as well.
  • Use Site Key and Secret.

That is just what you need to do to setup Google reCaptcha.

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