Enormail Integration with eForm

eForm version 3.7.1 now supports Enoirmail newsletter integration. As of before it is really easy to set it up.

Add the Form Elements

Mandatory Primary Eements

Make sure you have the following three form elements in your form. Also make them required.

  • Other Form Elements > Primary First Name.
  • Other Form Elements > Primary Last Name.
  • Other Form Elements > Primary Email.

Enable The Integration

  • Go to Integration > Enormail and enable it.
  • Add the API key and List ID.

Access this link while being logged in and generate and copy an API key.

Access this link while being logged in click on settings (Instellingen) of your list. It will show the List ID.

Send custom fields

Enormail lets you send some additional data for the subscriber. Unlike many other applications, enormail is very strict about which custom field it allows. These are

genderM or F
companyCompany name
addressFull address
postalRegion or postalcode
cityCity name
countryCountry name
telephoneTelephone number
mobileMobile telephone number
birthdayBirthday date (YYYY-MM-DD)
custom1Additional field 1
custom2Additional field 2
custom2Additional field 3

The above list cannot be changed. Now to assign any eForm element to any of the custom field, go to eForm Form Builder > CONFIG > INTEGRATIONS > ENORMAIL and activate Send additional data as custom field.

Now map your eForm elements to one of the above mentioned field names.

Test it out

Now submit the form and see your email being added to your mentioned group.

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