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Adding LaTeX formula inside your form

Starting version 2.5.0 eForm supports LaTeX implementation inside your form. It can be integrated to any richtext element or any question element which has options in it (like Single Options, Multiple Options, Sortable etc). Installing required plugin To get started you first need to install a plugin that provides┬áLaTeX. You have two options: Install and…

eForm CSS and JS enqueue

Here is a list of all external scripts and styles used by eForm. JavaScript Enqueue Script Name Handle Dependency Source jQuery Timepicker Addon jquery-timepicker-addon jquery /lib/classes/class-ipt-plugin-uif-base.php jQuery Print Element jquery-print-element jQuery Mousewheel Intent jquery-mwheelIntent jQuery Mousewheel jquery-mousewheel jQuery Serialize JSON jquery-serializejson jQuery JSON jquery-json jQuery Custom Scrollbar ipt-plugin-uif-js-mcs jquery /lib/classes/class-ipt-plugin-uif-admin.php Font Icon Picker ipt-plugin-uif-fip-js ipt-plugin-uif-admin-js…

APIs on User Portal & Trackback

Filter: ipt_fsqm_up_filter_action_button Used to add buttons inside user portal call to action section. Filter Uses Accepts two arguments. Please see source code below. Source Located in classes/class-ipt-fsqm-form-elements-static.php. Filter: ipt_fsqm_filter_static_report_print Used to add buttons to the trackback page. Filter Uses Accepts three parameters. Please see the source code below. Source Located in classes/class-ipt-fsqm-form-elements-static.php.

APIs on enqueue and libraries

Hook: ipt_fsqm_form_elements_front_enqueue Triggered when the form enqueues its needed scripts and styles. Hook Uses Passes one argument, a reference to the IPT_FSQM_Form_Elements_Front object. Source Located in classes/class-ipt-fsqm-form-elements-front.php. Hook: ipt_fsqm_form_elements_up_enqueue Triggers for User Portal scripts and styles enqueue. Hook Uses Source Located in classes/class-ipt-fsqm-form-elements-static.php. Hook: ipt_fsqm_report_enqueue Triggers for Report and Analysis enqueue. Hook Uses Example Example:…