Support Forum using bbPress

Since version 1.6.0, WP Knowledge Base Theme is completely compatible with bbPress (tested with 2.4.1). Please check the following gallery to get an idea.


Converted Widgets

The following widgets are converted to suite more with the theme.

bbPress Login Widgets

The login widget is replaced with a more powerful one. It is shown on the screenshot above. The login widget will display the following components

When Logged In:

  • Avatar with link to profile (and edit) and logout.
  • Forum Role, Topics Started, Replies Created, Favorites and Subscriptions.

When Logged Out:

  • Username and Password field (styled).
  • Remember Me checkbox.
  • Grouped buttons with Forgot Password page, Registration Page and of course the Login button.

Search Forum

Properly themed search form just like the WordPress search form.

Other Features

  • The admin actions are grouped inside an Action button.
  • New topic button is added when viewing a single forum and the user can create a topic.
  • Topic, Forum and other paginations are converted properly.

For a list of other plugin compatibility please read Compatible bbPress Plugins.

Please head over to WordPress plugin repository to download bbPress.

PS: bbPress is not BuddyPress and currently I do not have any intention to add BuddyPress compatibility, although everything will work out of the box, just not themed.

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