Available Glyphicons and Icomoon Icons

With WP Knowledge Base, we have already included bootstrap CSS which gives you the awesome Glyphicon icon collection. But if this is not sufficient for you, then you can also use the included icomoon icons.

Available Glyphicon Icons

Glyphicon Collection

Glyphicon Collection

Click on the image above to learn the classes and corresponding icons.

Available Icomoon Icons

New Icomoon Collection

New Icomoon Collection

Click on the image above. The file is also included inside theĀ /lib/icomoon/demo.html of the theme package.

Using Icomoon Icons

For better compatibility and rendering, when using icomoon icons, we recommend writing HTML like this:

<i class="glyphicon ipt-icon-home"></i>

The code above will render an icon like this:


Notes on IcoMoon Icon Classes

If you have used Knowledge Base Theme prior 1.5.0 and have icon classes set likeĀ ipt-* then unfortunately you will need to change it to ipt-icon-*. This change was necessary to provide better CSS localization and prevent any future disputes.

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