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screenshotAfter years of frustrating work to host documentations with nothing but RAW HTML, we finally decided to move forward and use WordPress instead. So, our search began to find a nice and simple Knowledge Base Theme. Well, sadly we were out of luck. We couldn’t find any good WordPress Theme which would streamline publication of several knowledge bases within a single WP installation and also provide a good user experience.

We stopped the search and started to create, and after 7 days of hard work (countless cups of coffee and ahem, a few packets of cigarettes (Yes, I am trying to quit)), we finally came up with this theme. We started to build it using the cool Twitter Bootstrap framework so we were already a month ahead of deployment. For the backend underscore gave us another fine push, and finally today, we are releasing it publicly, free and also made open source. We hope you like it and find it useful to use with your projects.

Some cool Theme Features:

You can see the theme itself to find out how cool it is. Apart from that, we think these are the best features.

  • Awesome bootstrap 3.0 UI all over the theme.
  • Easily manage multiple knowledge base with categories and posts and nothing else.
  • Nice and fine user experience for your customers.
  • Add custom images and icons to categories or knowledge bases.
  • Completely responsive structure, thanks to Bootstrap.
  • A nice dynamic homepage featuring all your knowledge bases.
  • Individual category archives for featuring single knowledge base.
  • Nice looking archive page for child categories with post featured images.
  • Affix widget and social widget.
  • Compatibility with a number of bootstrap plugins.
  • In built compatibility with a number of other plugins. (See recommended plugins).
  • A nice and small footer to show off.
  • Bootstrap navigation menu with custom-header image as logo.
  • Custom 404 page.
  • Integrated SEO support with BreadCrumbs (Rich Snippets) and third-party plugin integrations.
  • and so on…


An extensive knowledge base of this knowledge base is available. Just check the sticky sidebar on your right.


Quoting directly from underscore theme:

This theme, like WordPress, is licensed under the GPL. Use it to make something cool, have fun, and share what you’ve learned with others.


Latest version of the theme is available on Github and the stable version is available through WordPress repository. You can simply install it by following the steps.

  • Go to WordPress admin > Appearance.
  • Click on Install Theme.
  • Search for WP Knowledge Base.
  • The theme will come up in the search results and you can install from there.

Also here are other links.


We give limited support to this theme. Support will be given from WordPress forum. Please do not make requests like “I need this feature ASAP” as most likely they will be ignored. If you have any queries, search the documentation first and then ask. It will save both you and me a lot of time and energy.


Contributions are most welcome. Please fork it and make a pull request at the github repository.

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