Easy Bootstrap Shortcode

To add cool shortcode features to this theme, simply use the Easy Bootstrap Shortcode plugin by osCitas Websolution Pvt. Ltd.

The theme automatically makes the plugin compatible without letting you do anything.

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Compatibility Information

Compatible CSS and JS Files

Removes the plugin css and js files to make use of theme’s default files.

Table of Contents of Affix Widget

The TOC of the Affix widget is compatible with the Icon Heading Shortcode.

Custom Icon Classes

Icon Shortcode accepts any of the valid classes mentioned here and will show the relevant icons. Simply put a class name, likeĀ ipt-icon-power-cord inside the Custom Class of the shortcode buttons.

Eg: WordPress. WordPress Plugins.

This modification should work only on Icon Shortcode not on Icon Heading. To put custom icomoon icon on a heading, simply write it like this:

<h2>[icon type="glyphicon-adjust" class="ipt-icon-wordpress"] WordPress</h2>

The Affix widget is smart enough to remove any HTML inside the heading tag while generating the Table of Contents.

Styled Tabs

Tab styles were hand crafted to match more with the theme.

Styled Lists

Navigation lists were also hand crafted to make it behave properly.


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Sample Icon Heading with Glyphicon

Sample Heading with Glyphicon

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