Migrating Support to Ticksy

For past several years, we have used self-hosted bbPress forum and nVerify to provide support to our verified customers. While this has worked good for a long time, since last year, we’ve been facing more difficulties. We want the support system to be as seamless as possible. We want you, our customers to be able to login with your Envato Account and have instant access when you extend support.

Keeping such use-cases, we have decided to finally ditch bbPress and use a better support system ticksy. So from from this day onward (May 26th, 2020), we request our all customers to use the following URL to get support related to eForm and any other purchases from us.



Do I need to register again at the new URL?

Yes, but you can directly login with your Envato Account (Codecanyon, Themeforest etc). So the process is seamless.

Do I lose access to my old topics and replies

We will archive the forum and keep it accessible for another 6 months (31st Nov, 2020). Then we will delete all the data that our bbPress forum holds.

What happens to my active topics?

All active topics will be answered and resolved here, or you can close it yourself and access the new support center. We want the transition to be easy on you and we leave the decision up to you.

Will I be able to create new topics?

Starting May 26th, no existing or new users will be able to create new topics. Rather they will be redirected to our new support center.

Is the new center secure?

Yes it is. Apart from only verified members being able to create topics, only you and our support agents will have access to your topics and replies. This will not be a community forum anymore. Please refer to Privacy Policy of Ticksy to know more.