Using Stripe Payment Gateway with eForm

eForm incorporates stripe gateway for direct payout using credit card. To get started please follow the guide.

#1: Get Stripe API Key

  • Set up a stripe account.
  • Generate and get your API key and Publishable API key from here. [Publishable API key has been added since V4 as its required now]

#2: Enabling Stripe inside eForm

Enabling stripe inside eform

  • Go to Form Builder > Payment > Stripe Settings.
  • Enable Stripe Payment.
  • Enter the API Key and Publishable API key you have obtained from before.

Do note that stripe asks for writing amount in lowest currency format. For example, in case of USD, the lowest currency unit is cents (100 times a USD). eForm automatically converts USD into cents by multiplying it with 100. In some cases, currency units are zero decimal, meaning they are the lowest unit itself. So eForm would not need to multiply the amount by 100, but simply need to pass the collected amount. For currencies like that, you need to enable the Zero Decimal Currency. More information is given here. In a very simple term, enable this option, if you do not want eForm to multiply the collected amount with 100.

Save the form and that is it. eForm will automatically use Stripe APIs to collect payments. This happens from your server when a user submits a payment form.

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