eForm Payment flow and Retry Options

#1: eForm Payment Flow

  • You set up the form with mathematical fields and elements.
  • You enable the payment system and enter the final mathematical formula for calculating payment amount.
  • Your user chooses form options. A total is calculated.
  • User chooses payment gateway and fills up the form accordingly.
  • Once submitted, the system processes the payment returns the result.

#2: Payment Retry method

Payment Retry Method

eForm uses the trackback page to show users a repayment form in case a payment was not successful. So before you proceed make sure you have completed the initial setup of trackback page.

Here is how the repayment system works.

  • When a payment is made, if it wasn’t successful (for direct PayPal payout or Stripe payout), then a repay link is mailed to the user. This link is basically the trackback URL with &action=payment&mode=retry¬†query parameter.
  • Once a user visits the page, it pre populates just the payment form and shows all available payment gateways. (image above).
  • User selects one of the available gateway and retries the payment. At this stage, the user would not be able to change any other aspects of the form.
  • If the payment was successful then the details would be shown.
  • If it was not, then again the error message would be shown with a retry link.

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