Checking for missing or expired records

While most of the process is automatic with eForm Export to SQL addon, yet some de-synchronization may occur between export table and eForm table. This may be due to the following reasons:

  • Submissions prior to the setup of SQL Exports are not automatically saved to the table.
  • Expired records (especially for last n days) get deleted only when a new submission is made.

To overcome such abnormality, we have provided an easy to use tool which would check for data consistency automatically and would import or delete records if needed.

#1: Using the tool:


  1. Go to WP Admin > eForm > Form Auto Exports.
  2. Select the form and click on Synchronize Submissions.
  3. Let the system run through its process.
  4. Once done, it will automatically import and/or delete irrelevant records.

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