Activating myCRED reward points mechanism with eForm

This addon integrates with the latest version of myCRED giving you a way for complete multipoint management. Once you have installed the addon, you’d need to activate the functionality from two places. First from the myCRED hooks and next from the form itself.

#1: Installing the main myCRED Plugin:


If you haven’t already, then this addon will prompt you to install myCRED plugin. Simply click on the link and activate the plugin once it is downloaded.

#2: Activating myCRED Hook:

myCRED-Hooks-PageHooks are a way for executing myCRED system under certain events. myCRED detects an event/interaction between your user and your website and awards points accordingly. Our addon would extend inbuilt myCRED hooks with form submission events.

  • Go to WP Admin > myCRED > Hooks.
  • Enable Points for eForm submission.

If you have multiple reward points then please repeat the step for every point types.

#3: Activating myCRED Integration inside eForm:


Now that we have let myCRED know about our integration, it is time to set it up. As always, the setup is on per form basis and we have moved every award points settings inside Integration tab.

  • Create/Edit any form.
  • Go to Integration > myCRED Awards.
  • Enable the settings and set the options.

And now your form is setup to award points upon every submission. Do note that there are several settings which you can modify globally and override per form.

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