How myCRED Integration can boost form submissions

Obviously myCRED Integration for eForm relies on the myCRED plugin. It is a very popular WordPress plugin to manage points. From the developer himself:

myCRED supports a vast number of different types of point setups. Just looking to engage your users by awarding them points, badges or ranks based on their interaction with your website? No problem.

Looking to build a reward or frequent-flyer program for your store to increase loyalty and sales? myCRED got your covered!

A simple work-case scenario would be

  • You reward points according to score your users obtain for completing your quizzes.
  • Your users use the point for simply showing off or perhaps get some goodies.

The possibilities are limitless. myCRED integrates with a really huge number of other plugins, even WooCommerce (and that too for free).

Integrating with forms mean, greater chance of submissions. With reward points you actively attract your users to take the time to submit your form. You show your gratitude and your users would respond accordingly.

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