Creating a facebook APP and enabling login

Facebook APP and website login is very popular now a days. Apart from being able to login to your website using the facebook APP, this is also required to correctly implement dialog feeds etc.

Creating a new facebook APP is very easy and free. Just follow the steps below.

#1: Getting started at the APP Console:

Getting Started App Console

Go to Facebook Developer Console Apps area. Now click on the Add a New App button.

Create a new app id

This will bring a popup to create new App ID, Now type in your app name. Make sure it is less than 32 characters and email address and click on Create App ID button.

Product Page

After creating App ID, it will bring you to product page, click on Dashboard for configuring your APP.

Choose platform CTA

Click on Choose Platform.

Choose App Platform

This would bring you a popup to select the app type. Select Website.

Enter site url

Now type in site URL and click on Next


Skip to dashboard

Now go to Dashboard by clicking on the highlighted link (Skip to Developer Dashboard).

#2: Setup App Domain

Goto app dashboard

From App Dashboard, click on Settings.

Setup domains get appid and secret

Now enter all domains where your app will be used.

Now click on Save Changes and you are all set. Next you’d need App ID and may need App Secret for configuring your plugins/themes etc.

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