Requirements and Compatibility

Server Requirements

Please make sure your server meets the following requirements.

WordPress Version

  • 3.5.+. We are using latest APIs to make the plugin work better. If you are running an older version, please check this guide to upgrade.

PHP Requirements

  • Version 5.3 or greater. (Starting version 3.0 eForm has deprecated PHP version 5.2).
  • Memory at least 64MB. Recommended 96M+.
  • MCrypt library. Check this or this guide if not present already.
  • Minimum value of 2048 forĀ in case you have suhosin installed (installed on most shared servers). Please refer to this guide on how to increase them.

MySQL Requirements

  • Version 5+, just like WordPress.


Disclaimer: It is not possible for us to make the plugin compatible with every theme out there in the market. If your theme has followed WordPress standard of coding, then this plugin will definitely work.

Compatibility with the free version

Since version 2.x, the pro plugin can work in parallel with the free plugin. Still, the pro pluign will not import any data from the free plugin. If you wish to, then you have to do it yourself. Also, it is recommended to delete the free plugin before installing the pro, as you will not longer be needing it anyway.

Compatibility with Themes

  • All of the themes from WordPress Theme repository are thoroughly reviewed and they have very standard implementation of styles and functionality. We have tried with the featured ones and they all work good with the plugin.
  • We can not test premium themes, because we do not have the access. Most of the themes from reputed authors should work good, but some themes break the standard by filtering outĀ wpautop for their shortcode parsing. Themes like this, will not work with this plugin and most of the plugins out there with shortcode functionality that prints multiple lines. For more information on how to get it solved, please read Added line-breaks or weird code inside text boxes or to get it solved, read Fixing themes with custom wpautop priority.
  • Some premium themes enqueues jQuery and/or jQuery UI in wrong way or completely override them with hosted/cdn copies. While this may save you resources, this will also lead to incompatibility along many plugins which rely on WordPress’ default jQuery. To solve it, please read Themes with jQuery or jQuery UI enqueue problem.
  • In some cases, the CSS rules of a theme may override plugin’s CSS rules (we are using class based rules since ID based rules can not be used. The reason is, we have given ability to use multiple forms in a single page). In such case, you may contact our support forum using the link on right and we will tell you how to get it fixed. Alternately, if you feel comfortable with CSS, then you can enable custom css from the form settings and start putting your own CSS code. Please read Some common CSS rules to customize eForm.

Compatibility with Plugins

  • eForm is compatible with all plugins as long as they respect WordPress’ standards.
  • If you find an incompatible plugin, then you may contact support and we will assist you on getting it solved.

The only plugin we have found completely breaking the functionality of eForm is RokBox and/or RokAjaxSearch. Although, we can put a forced fix for this, we have decided not to. The reason is simple, we are following WordPress standard and they are not. So, it is not only breaking eForm functionality, but also functionality of other plugins. For some more information, please see this support page.

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