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Help for most common problems and their solutions regarding eForm plugin.

Fixing fatal error for imageftbbox and imagecreatetruecolor

eForm requires PHP GD library installed with Freetype and LibPNG support. For most of the hosts these configurations are common, however in some cases they might be absent. This will produce some error messages like this. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function imagecreatetruecolor() or PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function GDText\imageftbbox() etc.…

CSS Fix for Enfold Theme

Due to CSS conflict, eForm doesn’t look decent with Enfold WordPress Theme. To fix this, you need to enter the following CSS under Enfold Settings > General Styling > Quick CSS. The code above has been provided by Enfold only. They have also stated that users might not be able to influence the color settings…

Adding Exception to Caching Plugins

While, eForm works well with most of the caching plugins, but sometimes, things like file-uploader breaks when the pages are cached aggressively. eForm by default minifies the HTML output, so in some cases, due to double compression some functionality may break. So solve this, you need to add the following RegularExpression Exception under Page Caching and CSS/JS…

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