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Working with third party integration available with eForm. Use your form to connect with newsletter and other CRM software.

Active Campaign Integration with eForm

Starting version 3.1.0, eForm has support for integrating with Active Campaign mailing lists. To get started please follow the procedure below. #1: Get Active Campaign related data: For proper integration we need the following information of your Active Campaign setup. Active Campaign URL: Can be found in Your Settings > API > API URL. Active Campaign…

Mailster Integration with eForm

Starting version 3.0, eForm supports out-of-the-box integration with MyMail Newsletter plugin. To get started, please follow the procedure. #1: Install Mailster – Email Newsletter Plugin MailSter (previously MyMail) is a great plugin for sending out and managing newsletter from inside your WordPress dashboard. You can purchase it from here and install like any WordPress plugin.…

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