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Everything related to the form builder of eForm. Learn how to properly use it and understand its different components.

Adding LaTeX formula inside your form

Starting version 2.5.0 eForm supports LaTeX implementation inside your form. It can be integrated to any richtext element or any question element which has options in it (like Single Options, Multiple Options, Sortable etc). Installing required plugin To get started you first need to install a plugin that provides LaTeX. You have two options: Install and…

Mathematical Evaluator & Cost Estimator: Calculating complex value easily

Starting eForm v2.5.2, we have included a Mathematical Evaluator element using which you can calculate complex formula on the go. Here is a live example of what it would look like. To get started, please read on. #1: Using numerical elements: We provide two options for numerical calculations. One is to assign numeric value to existing…

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