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Exporter for FSQM Pro

Export reports to XLSX, PDF, HTML XLS and/or Submissions to CSV files

Exporter for FSQM Pro is a premium addon to the popular WP Feedback, Survey & Quiz Manager - Pro plugin. It adds the ability to exports reports to XLSX, PDF, XLS and/or HTML files. Also, it enables you to download the submissions under any form to a RAW CSV file for manual analysis.


Thank you for your interest in Exporter for FSQM Pro a premium addon for WP Feedback, Survey & Quiz Manager - Pro, also known as FSQM Pro, a premium product of iPanelThemes .

FSQM, is a WordPress plugin which can help you collect Feedbacks, Surveys or host Quizes in your WordPress Blog. Using it, you can create unlimited forms with custom themes and collect user submissions. All user submissions are stored inside the database which you can analyze, edit and/or print. The user can also track/see their submission (obviously if you wish to) through a page.

Exporter for FSQM Pro further adds the ability to export reports and submissions from FSQM Pro. Please check the features for a complete list of functionality.

Feature List:

For more detailed view, please refer to the Video Tutorial. Help is associated with almost every item on the administrator area. Also you might check the [HELP] button on the top-right corner of the screen. If you still can not find what you are looking for, you might want to contact us using the Support Forum .

Startup Guide:


Installation is very simple and straight forward. Exporter for FSQM Pro supports both normal WordPress as well as WordPress MultiSite. Before purchasing, please make sure your server meets the requirements.


The application has been tested on WordPress 3.5 to 3.6 and should work with all updated versions. We shall release updates and patches if anything is found not working.


Due to extensive resource consumptions during exports, the plugin will require at least 256MB of memory. The more the better. Also, this will work only for WP Feedback, Survey & Quiz Manager - Pro, Version 2.1.6 or greater. You might need to update the main plugin before you wish to install this.

Normal WordPress Installation:

Download Directory

WordPress MultiSite Installation:

You will need to buy the Extended License to use with WordPress MultiSite.

FTP Installation:

If you prefer to use FTP then follow these steps:

Once you install and activate the plugin, it will add 5 new items to FSQM Pro.

That was all about installation. You can check the video tutotial for more detailed information.

Updating to Latest Version

Before you attempt to update, it is always recommended to take backup of the database, at least of the wp_fsq_export and wp_fsq_exp_raw tables. This ensures, you do not accidentally lose any data.

Updating from version 1.0.0+

Export Reports

From this screen, you can create and then download reports for any forms. The reports are basically the same as the original Reports & Analysis except that, it can be downloaded in forms of XLSX, PDF, HTML and/or XLS files. All of the report files consists detailed analytics and charts.

To get started, go to FSQM Pro > Export Report and follow the Steps:

Downloading Reports in different formats

Once you generate a report, you will able to download it up front from the same page you've generated. However, if you wish to download it later, then you can browse and download from FSQM Pro > View all Reports

View all Reports

Different Download Types:

File Extension File Type File Description Associated Software Sample File
XLSX Microsoft Office Open XML Format Spreadsheet Questions will be formatted inside individual WorkSheets. For all MCQs, dynamic charts will be appended automatically. MS Excel 2007+, Open Office, Numbers etc. Click Here
PDF Portable Document Format Questions will be inserted one after another in tabular fashion. Charts will be rendered automatically and will be inserted inside the table. Adobe PDF Reader, Foxit Reader etc. Click Here
XLS Worksheet Questions will be formatted inside individual WorkSheets. For all MCQs, static image based charts will be appended automatically. MS Excel, Open Office, Numbers etc. Click Here
HTML Hypertext Markup Language Same as PDF, but it will be saved as an HTML file, so that you can edit and modify it. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. Click Here

Persistent Reports

The report you generate is cached and stored in the databse for further operations. To take more advantage of it, you may find the "Persistent Reports" feature really helpful. What it does is, it reads the persistent (cached) report data which you had created earlier and use that data to populate the Trends.

How to use it:

For Administrators:
For Website (Trends)

Exporting Submissions to CSV

If you are a statistician then you'd probably like to analyze all the submissions yourself. With the help of Exporter for FSQM Pro, you can do that easily.

Click here to view a sample of the generated CSV file. Columns will represent the questions, whereas each of the row will represent a single submission.

Downloading CSV Exports

Download CSV

If you wish to download older CSV exports again, then simply go to FSQM Pro > View all CSV Exports. From there you can download and/or delete existing CSVs.

Customize Exporter Settings


Help & Support

Please refer to the working admin demo to see what exact features you will be getting before buying. If you think certain feature should be a part of the plugin but is not present, then you can open a thread on our Support Forum . If we see the feature is really important to the community, then we shall do our best to add it to the future version.

Getting Help

Almost every item in the FSQM Pro is associated with a help icon [?]. Just click on it to learn what does it do.

You can also click on the [HELP] button on the top-right corner of the screen to get a detailed description of the particular menu page.

If more help is needed, then we recommended checking the Video Tutorials or getting in touch using our Support Forum .

Please note that the support forum is intended to explain the functionality of the plugins and/or report bugs or incompatibility. We also take requests for new features but we reserve the sole right to accept or reject the requested feature depending on its importance.


Thank you for your interest in Exporter for FSQM Pro. The following Tools were used during the development of this project.

Plugin Authors:

  • Skills: WordPress Development, Network & Server Administrator, Frontend & Backend developer, jQuery Plugin Development, Search Engine Optimization
  • Languages Known: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML (5), CSS (3)
  • Skills: UI & UX Designer, Graphics Designer, Frontend Designer & Developer, Photoshop Expert, Search Engine Optimization
  • Languages Known: PL/SQL, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML (5), CSS (3)


Proposed Features (Not yet implemented)
* You Suggest ;-)
Version 1.2.0 (30 Nov, 2015)
* Added: Report capability for thumbselect, smileyrating, matrix_dropdown, likedislike, mathematical, gps, feedback_matrix
* Added: CSV capability for thumbselect, smileyrating, matrix_dropdown, likedislike, mathematical, gps, feedback_matrix
* Updated: Quick Preview to work with FSQM 2.6.0
* Fixed: Spinner and Grading labelling issue
Files Edited:
Version 1.1.0 (21 April, 2014)
* Added: File Uploader on Reports and CSV exports (FSQM v2.3.0)
* Fixed: Incorrect question order on persistent report
* Added: Date information on feedback report
Files Edited
Version 1.0.1 (1 Oct, 2013)
* Added: Download button option on User Portal Page for FSQM Pro v2.2.0
* Added: Translation po file
Files Edited
Version 1.1.0 (28 Sep, 2013)
* Initial Release